Art. GLS-002 shockproof, CERTIFICATE, CE.


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Color black
Dostępne rozmiary 8,9,10,11

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Protective gloves, five finger, leather GLS-002.

Inside the cartridge used KEVLAR and steam-permeable membrane.

The membrane form microscopic pores (about 1.4 billion per square centimeter). They are much smaller than the drops of water, but larger than the particles of water vapor. Therefore, water in liquid form does not pass through the membrane, which ensures impermeability, while the steam passes to the outside creating the effect of "breathability". Basically gloves for comfort largely affects the balance between the amount of heat that the body produces during the movement and the amount of heat lost to the environment. Tilting this balance results in excessive sweating or feeling cold. Therefore, the basic task of gloves and sports clothing both effective heat removal and protection against the excessive loss. These conditions satisfy the application of the membrane, due to the waterproof, breathable and nieprzewiewność.

Of the fingers and ankles are protected metacarpal foam cushioning against various types of injuries.

Characterized by the following features:
- Abrasion resistance - 3 level of effectiveness
- Cut resistance - 2 level of effectiveness
- Tear strength - 4 level of effectiveness
- Resistance to puncture - 2 level of effectiveness
The above-mentioned performance levels refer to the grip portion.
Application: Police assault groups, uniformed services.



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Art. GLS-002 shockproof, CERTIFICATE, CE.

Art. GLS-002 shockproof, CERTIFICATE, CE.

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