Company Galaskór Sp.z o.o was established in 1989.
The company is located in Nysa Street. Prudnicka 26.
The core business is sewing leather gloves and specialized output.

The main customers are the military, police, border guards and fire brigade (PSP and TSO).
Gloves are used for the production of high quality materials.
"GALASKÓR" is the only manufacturer in the country glove inserts are used in the form of vapor permeable membrane Gore-Tex®.

We offer a wide range of output gloves for men and women in all sizes wielkościowych and a wide range of colors.
Some of our products are certified by the EC type-examination.
Additionally, the company also carries out orders for the production of leather clothing specialist and output.

"Galaskór" is a manufacturer of flexible, experience, modern design and high quality, give our customers a guarantee of a good purchase.
Since 2007 the company has been certified ISO 9001 - 2000.